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Body Intelligence
by Edward Abramson
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McGraw-Hill, 2005 (2005)

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* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

For those ready to move away from a dieting mentality towards eating intelligently, Body Intelligence gives an interesting and helpful perspective. Three components of body intelligence are discussed. Eating intelligently is about recognizing and satisfying physical hunger. Looking at your body intelligently discusses developing a positive and realistic body image. Using your body intelligently talks about being comfortable with physical activity. Most people who have been dieting for any length of time are probably very aware of what to eat, i.e. particular foods and portion sizes. But this book goes a step further into learning about our bodies and how we respond to food.

The first two chapters deal with the difference between dieting and body intelligence, and where this intelligence comes from. Then the author explores reasons why we eat. He covers emotional eating, dieting history and attitudes, and he talks about making eating fun. Two full chapters are devoted to body image, and how to go about changing related thinking patterns. Other chapters cover exercise and motivation. Finally, Dr. Abramson discusses children, culture, and changing your thinking for the long term. The book is well-researched, providing a great deal of interesting and helpful information. Most overweight people would admit that emotional eating plays a large role in their weight problems. This book offers concrete and easy to understand direction for overcoming that regular slide down the slippery slope of emotional eating. It directs readers using quizzes, record keeping, and other helpful tools. Anecdotal examples make the concepts more relevant.

Changing your thought processes takes time, but it's much easier than a strict diet plan. Body Intelligence is a great choice of guides to help you move toward the weight and body you have always dreamed you could have.

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