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As Big As Texas    by K. N. Casper order for
As Big As Texas
by K. N. Casper
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

This is the second in the Home to Loveless County series, which takes place in the small town of Homestead, Texas. It introduces Kayla Price and Ethan Ritter. Kayla is a single mother with an asthmatic eight-year old daughter, Megan. Her ex-husband is not in the picture. Kayla has just moved to town with Megan and has purchased land to start a vineyard. Ethan Ritter lives on a homestead parcel that belonged to his family for over a hundred years. He tries to make a living raising and training horses. He has vowed never to marry or to have children, because he feels his involvement with kids would be disastrous.

When Megan and Kayla visit the Broken Spoke to take a look at an old horse, Kayla and Ethan come to an agreement - Ethan will allow Megan to ride Birdsong but she will have to share in the horse's care and feeding. This will allow Megan to find out whether she really wants to have a horse full-time. Then Kayla and Ethan are thrown together when they volunteer to help handicapped and mentally challenged children by providing them horse riding lessons as a form of therapy. Kayla sees how good Ethan is with children, and she becomes curious about what happened in his past that made him resist the idea of having his own family.

This is a heart-tugging romance, filled with neglected and abused children. Kayla and Ethan have enough room in their hearts to give these kids a second chance at happiness in their sad lives. Although the romance between them didn't feel right (they had no real chance at all to develop a relationship) the book as a whole was enjoyable. Its focus is mainly on the children, but also on Kayla's desire to run a vineyard, despite the fact that someone out there is trying desperately to stop her. Enjoy As Big As Texas.

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