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Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living: 4 CD-Set    by Sonia Choquette & Mark Stanton Welch order for
Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living
by Sonia Choquette
Order:  USA  Can
Hay House, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Listen to meditations in Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living that will guide you through the day, in living more at peace and harmony with yourself and those around you. Heal your spirit, meet your guides, make your dreams a reality, and practice living in the present through this 4-CD set.

Each CD is dedicated to help in specific aspects of life, to bring insight and new perspectives on issues being faced. Soothing music from singer/songwriter and sound healer Mark Stanton Welch guides towards experiences that include healing through forgivenes, and becoming more empowered in life. The guided meditations have a hypnotic yet refreshing effect that can start your day off on the right track towards a stress-free lifestyle. Use this 4-CD set as a life-changing tool for living a higher vibrational life and for your own growth. (But do not listen while driving as the CDs are very effective in producing calm.)

I recommend Attunement to Higher Vibrational Living to anyone needing a new perspective, to those needing to manage a stressful life, and for anyone seeking additional approaches to healing physical and other ailments, through relaxation exercises and guided meditation accompanied by healing music. It will help you attune to your higher self and be more at peace. I suggest starting your day listening to one CD, at home, perhaps before driving to work. That way your relaxed state can carry you throughout the day even through traffic!

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