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Techno-Noir    edited by Eva Batonne & Jeffrey Marks order for
by Eva Batonne
Order:  USA  Can
Zumaya, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

Modern technology has brought to law enforcement new and more effective means of solving crime. It has also brought new types of criminal involvement. Eighteen writers (both award winners and newcomers) offer short stories covering both aspects, in this engrossing anthology about technology-based crime and detection. Intriguing story titles include Earl Staggs' The Naked Man on the Roof, Flora Davis's Through a Lens, Darkly, and Tim Wohlforth's Cookie Monster.

In A Winter Tale, a rich woman seems to be getting away with murder but she doesn't count on her son's disobedience. Suicide Notes shows that emails can save your life. Till Death Do Us Part is a dark story about, as you might imagine, insane love and death. And who could resist a story that ends 'I mean, if your whole life can hinge on a specific combination of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, some pills past their expiration date, and a garage sale blender, well, who could every figure something like that out? Nobody.' You'll find that bit of humor in Mixo-matic.

The anthology is sized for briefcase or purse, with just the right combination of humor, mystery, murder, detectives and just plain people, living their lives in the technological age. You'll find it all in Techno-Noir.

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