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The Summer of Katya    by Trevanian order for
Summer of Katya
by Trevanian
Order:  USA  Can
Three Rivers, 2005 (1988)
Hardcover, Softcover, Audio, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

The Summer of Katya took place in 1913, when Jean-Marc Montjean met Katya Treville and fell in love. It was the idyllic summer just before the Great War. Young and handsome, Jean-Marc recently graduated from medical school and works in the village of Salies-LesBaines. His first patient is Katya's twin brother, Paul.

Jean-Marc is surprised to learn that Paul was injured while bicycle racing with Katya and that she diagnosed his injury correctly. He is intrigued by Katya's beauty, but even more intrigued by her superior knowledge of medicine and anatomy. He loves the fact that she rides her bicycle with abandon, without a hat, in an era when ladies wore fluttering, broad brimmed hats, and riding in motor cars was the fashion.

Paul warns Jean-Marc to stay away from his sister and is rude and supercilious towards him. Jean-Marc visits the Trevilles often that summer, braving Paul's attitude and pretending to become friends with their father in order to be near Katya. The Trevilles, living in an overgrown, rundown cottage, remain a mystery to Jean-Marc and the villagers. Eventually, Paul confides the reason why his sister must not fall in love, but even this tragic story does not keep Jean-Marc from the beautiful and intriguing Katya.

Only when Jean-Marc learns Paul is planning to take Katya and her father away in a week does he focus his attentions on Katya, begging her to run away with him. His actions loose a secret so terrible that even Jean- Marc's love cannot conquer it. The tragic outcome brings heartbreak to Jean-Marc, Katya and her family.

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