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Michelangelo's Notebook    by Paul Christopher order for
Michelangelo's Notebook
by Paul Christopher
Order:  USA  Can
Onyx, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Michelangelo's Notebook is set during two time periods - World War II and today. Finn Ryan, studying art history at New York University, inadvertently discovers a drawing of a dissection of a corpse - a piece supposedly from Michelangelo's mythical notebook. From that moment on, she lives in terror of her life.

Her boyfriend murdered - most likely instead of her - she enlists the aid of Michael Valentine, an antiquarian book dealer with a shadowy past. Together they chase an old trail through time to art thefts during World War II. Knowing that an assassin is on to them (there are other murders), they resort to breaking and entering. The action escalates - if possible - as the suspense mounts.

This is a thriller in every sense of the word. Murder and violence become the order of the day as the story travels between then and now. The main thrust, though, revolves around stolen art. The war settings contribute to the authenticity. The thought of all the great art in this world that is hidden away is mind-boggling. War secrets are divulged, in a reminder of the awful greed of man.

I liked Finn Ryan, who is gutsy and sure of herself. The characterizations were true to life and fit the storyline to a tee. Action, suspense, likable characters, imaginable settings, a great plot - you can't go wrong with Michelangelo's Notebook.

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