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A Bride Most Begrudging    by Deeanne Gist order for
Bride Most Begrudging
by Deeanne Gist
Order:  USA  Can
Bethany, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

When Lady Constance Morrow slips away from her maid to bid farewell to her uncle, who is being shipped from England to America as a prisoner, she never dreams she will be taken captive by an unscrupulous captain. The spirited redhead survives the journey and makes a point of telling anyone who will listen that she's the daughter of an Earl, not a prisoner to be sold as a tobacco bride to the highest bidder. Drew O'Connor isn't interested in a bride, but he does want a maid. He's intrigued by Constance's story, although not enough to do anything about it. When Drew ends up winning Constance in a game of chance, he has to marry her or risk the scorn of the town council.

Drew agrees to a marriage in name only, while awaiting news from Constance's father verifying her story. Constance attempts to learn how to cook and take care of the household, but she much prefers working on mathematical problems and puzzles. Drew is fascinated by the conundrum of this beautiful, feisty woman with brains but few womanly skills. As the two get to know one another, they begin to fall in love. Can Drew risk his heart when it's a sure thing Constance will return to her cultured life in England? Is Constance willing to let go of her past to discover a different future?

This is a fast-paced, interesting look at life in the mid 1600s. Constance is a unique heroine. She is different from other women who came to America during that time, not knowing how to cook, clean, or exist in such primitive conditions. Drew's heart was broken when his previous fiancée died, and he's not sure he wants to fall in love again. He's a strong, yet vulnerable protagonist, and readers will fall in love with him as fast as Constance does. Both Drew and Constance hold tight to their faith in this tale that is also a lesson for them to learn to trust in God's protection and guidance. Even if historical novels are not generally your favorites, give A Bride Most Begrudging a try. Its original plot will keep you entranced and entertained.

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