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Blood Relations    by Lisa M. Tillman order for
Blood Relations
by Lisa M. Tillman
Order:  USA  Can
Hilliard & Harris, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Pat Elliott

The career of successful TV journalist Abigail Gardner is zooming to the top of the charts as she investigates crime and corruption in New York City and beyond. Her wealthy father and ne'er do-well brother Bennett are last on her list of things to do and people to visit. But fate has a way of bringing us down to reality and making family important when disaster strikes. Abby's father suffers a stroke, putting him in the hospital. Abby, of course, rushes to his bedside. Bennett shows up at the hospital with a new girl friend, Emily Boyle. Emily, heiress to the Boyle fortune, is much-loved by the American public.

Emily and Bennett are helpful at the sickbed, and Abigail's father is uncommonly gracious to his children as his illness abates. But murder rears its ugly head when Emily is found dead in her apartment. Bennett is accused of the crime. Abby is forbidden by her editor to investigate. Media coverage haunts her every move. She must depend on mob attorney Sam Smileowitz to clear her brother's name. None to happy with following Smileowitz's suggestions that she investigate the Boyle family, Abby (with her father's help) solves the crime. The Gardner family becomes closer than ever before, and Emily's death is avenged after Boyle family secrets are exposed.

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