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Tangle of Lies    by Patricia Potter order for
Tangle of Lies
by Patricia Potter
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Liz Connor's life is turned completely inside out when the FBI arrests her mother for the part she allegedly played in the murders of three armored car guards over three decades ago. Liz and her family cannot believe that prim, socially conscious Betty Connor could have been part of a violent group of anti-Vietnam war protestors. Or that she had any part in masterminding the hijacking of millions of dollars, and then managed to disappear and evade the law for three decades. Liz and her father want an explanation, but when Betty refuses to see them, they begin to wonder if her silence speaks volumes. Whatever the case, Liz is determined to find out the truth, if not from her mother, then on her own. Within days she becomes a target of others who want to silence the Connor family.

Four years have passed since Detective Caleb Adams lost his wife and son in a fiery explosion meant for him. Now he spends much of his time in a whiskey haze. But when he learns of the arrest of Betty Connor (aka Sarah Jane Maynard), his mind suddenly clears. Caleb's father was one of the guards killed in the hijacking, and for the last two decades, Caleb secretly researched the case. He heads to New Mexico, determined to get the same answers that Liz is looking for. They soon cross paths, and Caleb chooses to omit the truth about why he became involved. He convinces Liz and her father that he's writing a book about the case. When the FBI remains close-mouthed, Liz has no choice but to turn to Caleb. Together, they scour his files in search of any clues he might have overlooked. In the meantime, others who don't want the truth to become known close in.

This a taut, multi-layered and believable tale that shows how easily greed, lies and deep-rooted deception can destroy a family. Potter has a talent for creating dynamic stories that are both plot and character driven. She also does a great job in her characterizations, both major and secondary. Caleb is particularly well done; a man whose thirst for revenge has all but destroyed him. But once he's within reach of the truth, he must decide if he'd give it all up for love. Pick up a copy of Tangle of Lies and get set for a riveting read.

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