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No One Loved Gorillas More: Dian Fossey, Letters from the Mist    by Camilla de la Bedoyere & Bob Campbell order for
No One Loved Gorillas More
by Camilla de la Bedoyere
Order:  USA  Can
National Geographic, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Dr. Jane Goodall says of Dian Fossey in her introduction to No One Loved Gorillas More that she 'was one of those indomitable spirits', and advocates for the 'dire plight' of the mountain gorillas whose 'gentle personalities and complex social structures' Fossey spent her life documenting.

The book is full of Bob Campbell's gorgeous color photographs of the Great Apes, whose curious eyes peer out at us through the foliage of the misty forests of their habitat. Camilla de la Bedoyere opens with a history of the mountain gorillas (from the time when the region was part of German East Africa), and then covers Dian Fossey's life and legacy, speaking of her as 'a woman with a complex personality and rare courage', whom people either loved or loathed. Many of Fossey's personal letters are included.

Dian Fossey saw mountain gorillas for the first time in the Virungas on trip to Africa in 1963. She met Louis Leakey in 1966 and began observation and a census of the gorillas in 1967, with little preparation. Individual gorillas were identified by noseprints (patterns of lines on the nose, and the shape of nostrils). As her research progressed, friction also grew steadily between Dian and local poachers and cattle herders. She was murdered at Karisoke in December 1985.

This lovely, inspiring book ends with the author's comment that 'The survival of the mountain gorillas is not assured. However, as Dian Fossey believed, it is worth fighting for.' No One Loved Gorillas More is an impressive record of her life's work.

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