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Lawns for Canada: Natural and Organic    by Don Williamson order for
Lawns for Canada
by Don Williamson
Order:  USA  Can
Lone Pine, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Veteran garden writer Don Williamson has helped author 12 popular gardening books. He has a bachelor's degree in horticultural technology and has applied his expertise to golf course construction and maintenance, as well as to the design and construction of annual and perennial flower beds. With so much hands-on experience, Williamson should know what he's talking about. In his newest book, Lawns for Canada: Natural and Organic, he shows how easy it is to grow an organic lawn that will be 'the envy of the neighborhood'.

Williamson starts out by discussing the many benefits of having a lawn. Here are a few of them: healthy lawns or 'turf grass' reduce the amount of dust and other particulates that might otherwise find their way into your house. They also act as a filtering mechanism that reduces the amount of contaminants that run into rivers and lakes. Lawns reduce noise levels and cut the sun's glare by 40%. And here's something to think about; a single 2,500 square foot of lawn creates enough oxygen for a family of four.

Remaining chapter topics include turf grass species; the best varieties to choose for a specific growing area; lawn installation; tools and equipment; maintenance (including mowing) of a lawn once it's thriving; edging, watering, aerating; how to feed a lawn (both organic and non-organic); and pest identification and management. A handy 'Turfgrass Maintenance Calendar' outlines a monthly lawn maintenance regime. Williamson also includes an extensive resource list, province by province, if you're interested in learning more.

Lawns for Canada: Natural and Organic is another information-laden, colorfully illustrated guide that will leave you eager to 'green up' your backyard this summer.

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