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Unseen Forces    by Ed Kovacs order for
Unseen Forces
by Ed Kovacs
Order:  USA  Can
Ardelyan, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When maverick archeologist Sky Wilder translates an ancient Egyptian tablet that could well contain the formula for immortality, he knows he's found something others would kill for. News of his discovery is soon out and clandestine arms of the government as well as more sinister private factions will do almost anything to get their hands on the rest of the tablets, scattered in various locations around the world. Sky knows that once all the tablets are found his secret won't keep, and that enemies will come looking for him and what he knows.

Captain Diana Hunt is one of the military's most gifted 'psychic spies', or 'remote viewers' as she prefers being called. Assigned by her superior officer to keep Sky alive as he heads to South East Asia to track down the last tablet, she's well aware of what they're up against. One enemy in particular, Simon Forte, leaves her very concerned. They were once lovers and Diana knows the cold-blooded billionaire will go to any lengths to possess the secret of immortality. She's also got her hands full trying to keep up with Sky and convincing him that she's trustworthy enough to share his secrets.

Kovacs presents an energetic plot, squeezing in everything from secret societies and Egyptian myths to reincarnation, the fountain of youth, high tech military weaponry, and foreign policy. The well-honed skills of his assortment of buxom and deadly femme fatales would make James Bond envious. Overall though, Unseen Forces is a well written thriller that makes for an interesting, rollicking (and at times almost campy) read, with characters and themes that might lend themselves well to numerous sequels.

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