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Josie Day is Coming Home
by Lisa Plumley
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2005 (2005)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Las Vegas showgirl Josie Day hadn't planned on returning to her hometown of Donovan's Corner, Arizona anytime soon. But Fate has other ideas after Josie's quick thinking (while performing onstage) saves the life of octogenarian Tallulah Carlyle. A few days later Tallulah's lawyer informs Josie that she’s been gifted with a turn of the century mansion called the Blue Moon; Tallulah's small way of saying thanks. Josie is thrilled until she discovers the hotel is located on the outskirts of her hometown. Ever the optimist, Josie decides to make the best of things - while she isn't looking forward to the accusing stares of her friends and family, Tallulah's generous gift has certainly accelerated Josie's dreams of opening a dance school.

When she pulls up in front of her mansion she receives a few more surprises. The place is not only ramshackle, it's also occupied by handyman Luke Donovan, who insists that he's the owner of the Blue Moon, not Josie. Neither she nor Luke is prepared to vacate, so they reach an agreement; they'll share the place until ownership is sorted out. But neither is prepared for the immediate attraction that flares between them, and they soon realize that they've got a lot in common, including having to confront familial expectations and/or misunderstandings. In Josie's case, she's tired of being shunned by the town, and particularly her dad, for 'running off to Vegas to become a showgirl'. And Luke would prefer to turn the Blue Moon into a motorcycle repair shop rather than towing the line in the family business. He doesn't want Josie to find out either about his silver spoon lineage or the fact that Tallulah Carlyle is really his aunt, just yet. But neither of them figure on Lady Luck's dice rolling true love for their future.

Josie Day is Coming Home proves yet again that Lisa Plumley has the market cornered when it comes to romantic comedy. While many of the scenes are humorous, especially those involving the misunderstanding about Josie's profession and how the straight-laced town gossips love feeding the rumor mill about her being a (gasp!) Vegas stripper, there are also poignant moments as Josie and Luke deal with their families. And a fine secondary cast adds spice to the story. Josie Day is Coming Home is another winner.

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