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Why Not?    by Shari Low order for
Why Not?
by Shari Low
Order:  USA  Can
Downtown Press, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Jess Latham wants more out of life than to be her boss's mistress. Basil Asquith is a high-ranking government official. He's older, married and can't be seen in public with her. Jess feels her biological clock ticking. Loudly. It doesn't help that, one by one, she's watching her friends get married and start families. They still get together, but Jess feels she is missing a whole part of her life.

Jess meets Mike Chapman when she drunkenly runs into the men's room to be sick. He writes for a tabloid paper, and wants to get the dirt on Basil. Mike pursues Jess, gets his story, and when Jess's life crumbles as a result, he offers to marry her. Jess agrees, wanting the happiness all her friends are enjoying. When they decide to start a family, it seems that Jess finally has the life for which she's been striving. Happily ever after? Nope, the plot thickens. Basil will not divorce his wife, Miranda. And Jess finds out things about Mike's girlfriend that send her into a tailspin. The three women bond together to get sweet revenge, with help from Jess's friends. The road to achieve it is a comical one.

Why Not? is a hilarious story about romantic misfortunes, and how good friends stick together to sort them out. The characters keep you on your toes, always wondering what will happen on the next page. The friends are loyal to, and protective of, one another. Shari Low has a wonderful writing style that maintains the delight throughout, as readers wonder what outrageous adventure the group will take on next. The combination of romance with humor is an ideal mix that will keep you smiling for some time.

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