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Twilight Whispers
by Barbara Delinsky
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2005 (1987)
Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, CD

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* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Twilight Whispers is about two wealthy, high profile families, the Whytes and the Warrens. Childhood friends Natalie and Lenore married Jack Warren and Gil Whyte, respectively. Natalie and Lenore's friendship continued throughout their marriages, and the Whytes and Warrens bonded further through their children. Some of the more enjoyable portions of this novel are flashbacks that show how young Natalie and Lenore develop a close relationship in grade school that lasts through the years.

A third (smaller and of lesser means) family, the Morrells, play a significant role in the lives of the Whytes and the Warrens. Cassie Morrell is the Warrens' long-term housekeeper and her daughter, Katia, has experienced many of the same benefits growing up as the Whyte and Warren children. In fact, Katia, now an adult, is still close to both families and secretly in love with Jordan Whyte. Jordan feels the same for Katia, but is hesitant to act upon his feelings.
With this backdrop, the story begins at the funeral of Deborah Warren and Mark Whyte, who have been murdered. Detective Robert Cavanaugh has been assigned to the case and his investigation traces the history of the two families and their rise to wealth and power, which includes more than a few scandals. As the investigation unfolds, the story of the Whytes and the Warrens develops as well, along with Jordan and Katia's future.

The flowery, feminine cover and somewhat vague title may mislead some readers when they first pick up this book, which is a reprint from 1987. It's a multifaceted story - a family saga, a romance, and a murder mystery all rolled into one novel. Though at times the effect is a tad overwhelming, Twilight Whispers will keep most readers entertained and may even attract mystery fans who normally wouldn't try Delinsky's books. That said, this author's works are clearly directed toward female fiction readers. Being a fan of women's fiction, family sagas, romances and mysteries, I enjoyed all elements of this book although the mystery is definitely the weaker one. Delinsky has a talent for developing heartfelt characters and this early work is no exception, though mysteries fans may be left wanting more.

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