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Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: The Audio    by Bathroom Readers' Institute order for
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader
by Bathroom Readers' Institute
Order:  USA  Can
Portable Press, 2004 (1988)
Paperback, CD
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I'm always looking for audiobooks for long car trips, that will keep my teen sons and adults interested, but not take too much attention away from the road. Humor works well, and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader makes time pass quickly whether you're on the toilet seat or on the road.

We chortled as we listened to a variety of trivia tidbits, from fast brain teasers (with why-did-I-not-guess-that? answers) to longer accounts of what happened to various celebrity body parts after death (the cat's disposal of the poet's heart made us all explode with laughter), or speculation on who really was the object of some of Emily Dickinson's more passionate poetry. The 'Flatulence Hall of Fame' had its highlights, and there's definite food for thought in 'Great Moments in Advertising'. I've read 'The Devil's Dictionary' in full, but enjoyed my sons' reactions to the extracts presented here. And the 'Hermits of Harlem' is a salutory story, that made me rush to toss out all my old newspapers and other unnecessarily hoarded items.

Looking for audio entertainment that only requires attention in short spans? Then slip Uncle John's Bathroom Reader into your CD player. Or tuck the paperback version into your bathroom bookshelf, for those annoying times when you're stuck in the stall. Uncle John's vignettes are both funny and informative.

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