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The Modern Girl's Guide to Life    by Jane Buckingham order for
Modern Girl's Guide to Life
by Jane Buckingham
Order:  USA  Can
Regan, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Any modern girl out in the world today can use guidance on life every once in a while. The Modern Girl's Guide to Life is written by style guru Jane Buckingham (host of the Style Network's series, Modern Girl's Guide to Life). Dubbed on the cover as a 'Mod-Girl Survival Kit,' it's chock full of fun, interesting and valuable advice. It aims to help today's young woman (typically in her 20s or 30s) get by and lead an enjoyable life. The goal is not to turn oneself into June Cleaver, but to learn how to juggle various daily demands, fake being a 'domestic goddess,' get a good job, secure a suitable man, and generally live life with confidence and with grace.

Part of the fun of this book is that in addition to giving good advice, it is an entertaining read. Topics are broken out into chapters depending on the subject at hand: 'The Only Thing You Should Ever Fake ... Being a Domestic Goddess'; 'Your Cheat Sheet for Fabulous Entertaining'; 'Mod-Girl Etiquette'; 'Home Chic Home'; 'Looking and Feeling Fabulous'; 'Bond Jane Bond'; 'Work It, Girl'; 'Modern-Girl Seduction Tricks'; and 'Savvy Survival Skills'. The busy, modern woman can flip directly to the topic on which she needs guidance. The book is well organized and it is not necessary to start at page one and to read sequentially to the end.

There's a lot in the book that's common knowledge or common sense, such as how to determine your bra size and the fact that ingesting caffeine shortly before bedtime can interfere with sleep. However, there are also great tips on decorating, etiquette, how to man a barbeque, looking chic, and so on. This hefty (in size) book reminded me of a stylish, modern day take on Emily Post. Essentially, there is something in it for every modern woman to learn - The Modern Girl's Guide to Life would make a fun holiday gift for a young woman looking to lead her life with grace and style.

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