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Haunted Cemeteries    by Eldrick Thay order for
Haunted Cemeteries
by Eldrick Thay
Order:  USA  Can
Ghost House, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Cemeteries are places set apart -- quiet and serene locations where the dead repose in eternal slumber and where the living come to honor those souls. But there are some cemeteries where the dead do not rest. 'Greenwood Cemetery' in Decatur Illinois, is said to be one of the most haunted sites in the US and is home to numerous spirits like the 'Greenwood Bride' and the Greenwood lights, not to mention the 'Weeping Woman' and an assortment of restless Confederate soldiers. For movie buffs, there's a chapter about 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery' where a woman continues mourning Rudolf Valentino, and the story of Virginia Rappe, who supposedly died by the hand of comedian Fatty Arbuckle.

This volume wouldn't be complete without discussing 'The Valley of the Kings Valley', where countless pharaohs and lesser Egyptians were buried, often with great riches for their afterlife ... and horrible curses to dissuade grave robbers. Ontario's 'Drummond Hill Cemetery' has piqued the interest of paranormal researchers looking for evidence of the spirits of wounded soldiers. In 'Bachelorís Grove Cemetery', a high school girl finds herself terrified by an angry ghost said to have had links to the Mafia. And that's only the beginning of what you'll find in this spellbinding collection.

Eldrick Thay does a nice job of exploring 'some of the world's most notoriously haunted graveyards, both past and present'. Numerous black and white photos lend additional atmosphere to Thay's interesting, well researched, and often spooky journey through Haunted Cemeteries.

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