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A Date on Cloud Nine    by Jenna McKnight order for
Date on Cloud Nine
by Jenna McKnight
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Lilly Marquette, the recent and grieving widow of a millionaire, lets herself be reluctantly dragged into an adult-toy shop by her best friend Betsy. Once there, in the process of covertly ogling the hot store owner, she dies in a sudden gas explosion. But rather than going to heaven, she finds herself at some sort of heavenly transition station where two angels, John and Elizabeth, offer her a second chance at life and a chance to have the child she always wanted ... provided she gives away all her millions and chooses the right man.

The falling in love part is fairly easy as Lilly comes back to life to find herself rescued by her husband's ex-partner, handsome electronics genius Jake Murdoch. But the rest is complicated. Suspecting that Lilly scammed him out of three million dollars in insurance money and thus caused his bankruptcy, Jake is not at all inclined to fall in love despite a strong attraction. Launching her seduction scheme, Lilly has to wonder if Jake is indeed the right man, even as she struggles against her ingrained miserly self to give away all that money. Can the duo overcome their deepest failings and let love pave the way to happiness before Lilly runs out of time?

Jenna McKnight's readers need never fear a humdrum story. With her trademark mix of sex, comedy, and romance with a fantastic premise, McKnight ensures a tale filled with joie de vivre. Lilly and Jake suffer sometimes comical, mostly sensual misadventures on the rocky road to love. There's never a dull moment when one is reading a Jenna McKnight novel.

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