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Visions in Death    by J. D. Robb order for
Visions in Death
by J. D. Robb
Order:  USA  Can
Putnam, 2004 (2004)
Hardcover, Audio, CD
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

On a hot summer night of 2059 Eve Dallas dutifully accompanies her husband, Roarke, to one of his 'business things'. After doing her duty she looks forward to kicking off her spiked heels and enjoying the rest of the evening in her husband's arms. But her plans are ruined by a call from dispatch that sends Eve and her partner Delia Peabody to Central Park, and begins a disturbing new murder investigation.

The young female victim has been laid out on the banks of the lake wearing nothing but a red ribbon pulled tight around her neck. Even more grisly - her eyes have been removed with clinical precision. When the killer's agenda escalates with no viable clues forthcoming, Eve enlists the aid of a psychic, who claims she's seen the murders happen through the eyes of the killer himself. While Eve is skeptical of the paranormal in all its forms, she can't deny that Celina Sanchez reveals clues and information that she couldn't have known unless she actually saw the murders take place. Eve decides it's time to up the stakes and taunts the killer, hoping he'll come gunning for her. But instead it's Peabody who suffers his rage, sending the entire New York police department after the murderer's blood. With the help of her usual team, and of course her husband Roarke, Eve soon sets a snare that not even this cunning and brutal killer can escape.

It doesn't really matter that the murder mystery here isn't as riveting or as ingenious as in earlier installments. What do matter are the continually evolving characters in this always entertaining series, particularly Eve. Through her relationship with Roarke she continues her own personal evolution. Eve is slowly coming to grips with her dark and brutal past and allowing herself to trust others. She's also living a more normal life, one that occasionally takes her away from her job. She's taking the time to nurture her few friendships, making new ones (with the help of Roarke), and just kicking back and having fun. J. D. Robb skillfully balances every aspect of this continuing story. Visions in Death is not to be missed and leaves fans looking forward to the next book.

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