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Kid CEO: How to Keep Your Children From Running Your Life    by Ed Young order for
by Ed Young
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Warner, 2004 (2004)

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* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Pastor Ed Young dedicates this book 'to the men and women who wake up every morning in the trenches of parenthood ... the toughest assignment on the planet'. Kid CEO is based on a series of Young's talks on parenting in all its variations - single, dual, foster, guardianship, and a blended family. The author also shares his and his wife's experiences in raising four children.

Young leads us through the process where the wife becomes a mom, husband becomes a dad, and both often work outside the home as well. Child or children slowly become the center of the family universe. The husband-wife relationship loses its standing as the 'focal point of the home', putting the child first. The author tells us that years of theories of 'permissive parenting' have robbed parents of their own validity, catering to the children by 'what do you want to ...?', 'where do you want to ...?', and 'how may I serve you?'. Young tells us that 'As the marriage goes, so does the family', i.e. as the parents demonstrate family values so shall their children. Lisa Young 'stands her ground' when daughter LeeBeth says, 'Mom you've got to be kidding.' Mom responds, 'LeeBeth, when it comes to parenting, I don't joke around!'. Parenting IS serious business! Hear, Hear!

As parents, we have charge of our children for only a short time. It's up to us to prepare them for life. Young's style of writing is down-to-earth, headed by a family organizational chart: God in first place, husband-wife in second place, and the children next. In that order, when the preceding one is in the right path, the others follow in line. Constructing routine bedtimes, combined with quiet time before shutting off the light and established timeframes according to children's ages, gives each child the right amount of sleep to greet the next day. It is important to limit children's 'ECA' - extra curricular activities, allowing time to be together as a family. It is not the goal of parents to be their kids' best friends - 'first and foremost' we are parents. Be attentive to what children are watching and the amount of time spent on television, music listened to, and what the child sees while surfing the computer system. Young states succinctly, 'It is our job as parents to help them, over time, to see the bigger picture and understand the world around them. But until then we need to decide what is best for our kids, simply because we are the grown-ups and we know better'.

Young applies a value to each letter in the word 'KIDS', K - Knowledge that is grounded, I - Intimacy (keep love alive during parenting), D - Discipline that is consistent, and S - Strategic Structure. Six principles guide the parent. 'Pass on Faith' (but don't force religion down their throats). 'Understanding in a Home' - prepare for Transitions in the family (direct them when they are young; coach them when they are older, and consult them in adulthood, when asked (this latter is my favorite). 'Recognize Uniqueness' (difference between each child even twins). 'Respect' (be its model). 'Know the Kids Environment' (how time is spent). Read together whether the Bible, classics, or other great books! Guidelines for a strong marriage are discussed by Young in straightforward terms, addressing such issues as avoidance of adultery, creative dating, courting your mate, establishing security systems to prevent a marriage's downfall, taking time to communicate, and 'plan an affair with your spouse'. Date your spouse? Yes, date ... to keep the marriage alive and strengthen it.

With logical, thought-provoking statements, Young packs a wallop in awakening parents to children's taking over the rule of the household. He delivers just plain facts, ma'am and sir, about family values, faith, principles, and parenting with less hassle. Kid CEO is well written (no lecturing, and no preaching). Give Young's book to friends, family members, and anyone in contact with wee ones, toddlers, youth, and teens. The author's dynamic messages should be read by every one in the position of guiding a child. This book is a really great read!

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