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Undead and Unemployed    by MaryJanice Davidson order for
Undead and Unemployed
by MaryJanice Davidson
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Picking up the tale right where it ended in Undead and Unwed, Betsy, the new, all-powerful and somewhat bored Vampire Queen decides to start looking for a job. However, with her newfound propensity for drinking human blood and nocturnal working hours, that's not so easy. Also, the vampires in general are not happy, or ready to accept their newly-minted, fashion-conscious bubble-headed queen with her distaste for the undead life. While dealing with dissension in the ranks, buying copious quantities of footwear, and discovering unbelievable new powers, Betsy is faced with a potentially deadly problem.

A vigilante group of humans decides to go vampire hunting and it falls to Betsy to save her subjects - she agrees after Sinclair, her imperious king and sexy consort, insists upon it. While this is going on, Betsy has to move house as termites attack her old one. Thanks to her good (living) friends (Jessica, the African-American heiress and Marc, the gay medic), she move into a palatial mansion which, as it turns out, is already occupied and not by humans. Betsy deals with all these issues in her own inimitable, cracker-brained, zany, hilarious manner - which makes for compelling reading.

MaryJanice Davidson combines humor and paranormal elements skillfully into an entertaining read. This second in the series is as amusing as ever, as a shallow, vain (and yet loyal) Betsy continues to struggle to balance human feelings with a newfound vampire strength and proclivities - a serious internal struggle that's beautifully camouflaged in comedy. Betsy and Sinclair continue their love-hate relationship and during the course of the story, some very interesting developments take place. This comical, slightly bizarre and continuously droll episode only leaves readers craving more.

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