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What Memories Remain    by Cait London order for
What Memories Remain
by Cait London
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Bestselling author Cait London combines mystery, romance and suspense in What Memories Remain. Cyd Callahan is a tall, redheaded beauty who fails to find peace and solitude in her sleepy hometown, Fairy Cove - a quiet bedroom community in New England. Cyd, who grew up there as the daughter of a local prostitute, was shunned as a child. And her mother refused to reveal her father's identity to her.

Growing up the daughter of an alcoholic, drug-addicted prostitute left Cyd vulnerable to her mother's clients. As a result she has a deep-seated fear that someone is after her and believes that she is being watched. Deep in her heart, she knows that the clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time before her worst fears are realized and her stalker makes himself known. Cyd has blocked out tragic memories from her childhood that prevent her from identifying her stalker, although he is a regular visitor to her frequent nightmares. Now thirty-one years old, Cyd presents a cool, confident outer fašade. She has established herself as a real estate agent and refuses to let her past or her fears prevent her from being a successful member of the community. Fairy Cove residents view Cyd as a no-nonsense businesswoman, who has no room for a man in her life. Cyd focuses her energies on finding profitable real estate deals.

However, a man named Ewan Lochlain knows the 'real Cyd.' Ewan grew up in Fairy Cove and was a source of comfort and safety for Cyd, when her mother's clients and her own childhood fears got the best of her. While Ewan remained only a friend for most of their childhood years, Ewan and Cyd shared a kiss before Ewan left Fairy Cove after his parents died in a tragic boating accident. Cyd and Ewan never forgot their single kiss and memories are quickly brought to the surface upon Ewan's return to the community, to launch a boat building business and solve the puzzle of his parents' mysterious deaths. As Cyd's faceless predator continues to stalk her and Ewan begins to uncover startling and disturbing truths from the long buried past, romance grows between them.

This book is fast-paced and suspenseful. As the heat between Cyd and Ewan begins to simmer, the mystery plot thickens and continues to develop and change throughout the novel. Interesting and unexpected plot twists entertain and surprise the reader to the very end. Fans of romance, suspense and mystery will enjoy What Memories Remain.

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