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Click Here For Murder    by Donna Andrews order for
Click Here For Murder
by Donna Andrews
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2004 (2003)
Hardcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

In the well-populated field of mystery fiction, Donna Andrews has come up with a novel protagonist: Turing Hopper is an AIP, an artificial intelligence personality. Turing is an anomaly in that she has far more sense of self (sentience if you will) than any other computer construct envisioned by her creators. Turing's existence is a secret known only to Maude Graham, Tim Pincoski, and Ray Santiago. Maude divides her time between Universal Library, where Turing also lives, and Alan Grace, Inc., where Turing intends to establish herself. Considerable protections have been built into Alan Grace for Turing's benefit.

Ray Santiago is a computer genius, but his interests also include good works and an on-line role-playing game called 'Beyond Paranoia'. When Ray is found murdered in an alley, his laptop stolen, Turing and her human friends are understandably uneasy. Ray had a great deal of information about Turing and the computer systems at UL and Alan Grace. The three begin their own investigation into Ray's death, particularly as there is much they do not wish to tell the police, specifically about Turing. Tim Pincoski is a fledgling private investigator. His researches suggest a link to 'Beyond Paranoia'. More unsettling, he finds out that Ray was not who he seemed. In fact, 'Ray Santiago' is a borrowed name. The real man lives in Miami.

Deeply troubled by these revelations, Turing and her human friends continue their investigation and discover that Turing's very existence is indeed at risk. Click Here For Murder follows You've Got Murder, which introduced Turing - a most ingenious addition to fictional sleuths - as well as her human allies.

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