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Ripped at the Seams    by Nancy Krulik order for
Ripped at the Seams
by Nancy Krulik
Order:  USA  Can
Pulse, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Sami Granger's lifelong dream has been to escape the small town of Elk Lake, Minnesota, and make it big as a clothing designer in New York City. At age eighteen, she takes her savings and heads off to see if she can find a job in the Big Apple. Things don't start out exactly as Sami imagined--it's tougher to get an appointment to show her designs than she had hoped. And right after she moves in, a murder occurs at the seedy hotel where she's staying.

All at once, Sami's life starts to come together. She gets a job (as a receptionist, but everyone has to start somewhere!) at an up-and-coming design firm. Her immediate boss, Bruce, takes her under his wing, seeming genuinely interested in her fashion ideas. Sami finds an apartment to share with another small-town girl, and their neighbor, Vin, is handsome as well as kind. Then Bruce takes Sami's designs and claims they are his, causing her to quit in protest. She gets a job at a trashy lingerie store, but is discouraged by the setback. Will Sami ever achieve her dreams?

This is more a typical chick lit novel than one for teens. Although Sami is eighteen, her life is very fast-paced and she is pushing forward to become a designer. I found that part of the story extremely unrealistic, as it took my attention away from the cute plot and romance. It seems highly unlikely that a teenager from a small town could take the fashion world by storm without either college education or training. Other than that, her naiveté is appropriate and adds endearing character to the storyline.

Teens wanting to dip into lighthearted chick lit will enjoy this fresh view of a young girl trying to make it in the big city. Readers will root for Sami to get her due as well as her revenge, and it's satisfying when she does. The supporting characters add depth and a touch of humor. Ripped at the Seams is a light, entertaining summer read.

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