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Star Craving Mad
by Elise Abrams Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2004 (2004)

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* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Maddy Braverman is addicted to celebrities. She spends her free time (at thirty and single, she has a lot of it) reading and fantasizing about famous people. A teacher at an elite Manhattan private school, Maddy nearly falls in a faint when she finds out that Lola Seabolt, daughter of her biggest movie star crush, Nick Seabolt, will be a student in her class this year. Maddy manages to keep her wits about her most of the time because she knows she doesn't have a chance - Nick is happily married to another Hollywood superstar. With help from her scruffy but handsome teaching assistant, James, Maddy is able to separate doing her job from her celebrity passions. Then Nick begins to make moves toward becoming more than just friends. Will Maddy achieve her dreams of landing a celebrity lover? Or will she realize that true love is closer than she imagined?

Star Craving Mad is a superb example of humor with heart. Maddy's transformation - from celebrity crazed to the realization of her own worth - brings joy to the reader's heart. Tidbits of pop culture trivia throughout make it even more fun. Although there's quite a bit of romance (and some very steamy love scenes), the novel is about more than just finding a relationship. It shows Maddy's metamorphosis as a person. This wonderful book made me laugh, cry, and experience every emotion in-between. Readers who enjoy chick lit will love this story. It's a bit racy at times, but that adds to the enjoyment. Elise Abrams Miller is new to the scene and I hope we will be hearing more from her in the future. A truly unique storyline merged with strong, likeable characters makes this novel a terrific choice for summer reading.

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