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The Quilt    by T. Davis Bunn order for
by T. Davis Bunn
Order:  USA  Can
Bethany, 2004 (1992)
* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Everyone who has met Mary feels treasured in her presence. She has listened, taught, and shared with people for many years. But Mary's sons don't understand when she informs them that God has told her to make a quilt.

Mary begins to sort through the fabrics of her life and embarks on what will be her last big project. 'If that's what the Lord wants me to do, then that's what I'm gonna do.' As the women of the town gather around, Mary explains that this will be a prayer quilt. 'For every stitch that goes into this quilt, I want you to say a prayer ... It has to be a prayer of thanksgiving.' Every day, different women come to help, and the quilt speaks their hearts, minds, and spirits as they sew love and thanks with each stitch.

The Quilt is a beautiful book, newly packaged in a hardcover gift edition complete with gorgeous photographs. Mary's quiet, sweet spirit emanates from each page, and draws the reader quickly into this cozy story. Each character featured has something to learn from Mary's quilt project, and she teaches through her actions; it's never overt. Thankfulness, gentleness, and perseverance unite these women, so that both Mary's sons and readers can take life lessons from their simple story.

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