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Shivering World
by Kathy Tyers
Order:  USA  Can
Bethany, 2004 (2004)

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* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

In Shivering World, Kathy Tyers delivers an SF mystery with a flawless plot, set in the plausible habitat of Goddard. In the year 2134, Dr. Graysha Brady-Phillips migrates to the cold-space colony, Axis Plantation, for employment with the Gaea Terraforming Consortium. Graysha's intent in accepting the position of soils-microbiology specialist is twofold. In need of a high salary to pay off debts, Graysha also hopes that the Lwuite gene-healers will cure her inherited disorder, Flaherty's Syndrome.

Not only is her hope for healing hampered by the illegality of human-gene tampering, but Graysha's mother, Novia Brady-Phillips, is the commissioner of the Eugenics Board, an enemy to gene experimentation scientists. While Graysha struggles to make Goddard inhabitants believe she is not a spy for the Board, her progressive research is threatened and sabotaged by officials and co-workers. Nevertheless Graysha grows to love her new world and keeps faith that it will become the place she can call home. She dedicates herself to finding a solution to the cooling problem of the planet which could cause catastrophe and the abandonment of Goddard.

Kathy Tyers is in her element, combining world building, expertise in microbiology and suspenseful tension in another splendid read. I enjoyed her uniquely named creatures - in a world where wood is scarce, desks and beds are made of concrete and animals are known as 'halfers', 'yabuts', 'gribiens', and 'Dutchers' (weasel-crossed lynxes). Readers will find themselves so immersed in the action that they will attempt to finish this book in one sitting - and everyone should have a pet gribien named Emmer, and at least one yabut or two! The conclusion is open-ended with indications for a sequel. I hope so!

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