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Spanish Holiday    by Kate Cann order for
Spanish Holiday
by Kate Cann
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2004 (2001)

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* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Laura, Yaz, Ruth, and Ruth's boyfriend Tom, decide to spend their time before university traveling through Spain. Laura anticipates a glorious holiday, relaxing and integrating themselves into the local culture. But the vacation does not turn out at all as she initially imagined. Since they are traveling in Tom's car, he demands the final say about all travel plans - his idea of a good time is spending the nights as cheaply as possible in tourist traps, eating at McDonalds, and having a great deal of 'alone time' with Ruth. The group never stops for more than a night, and their dream trip turns out to be mainly views from the inside of an automobile.

Laura and Yaz lay down the law after a beautiful night in Seville. They want to unpack their clothes, get jobs, and stay in one place for a while. But Tom is a jerk about everything, insisting the four of them do things his way and head for a tourist resort. As luck would have it, they meet Bella and Bobby, who offer them a villa in Ercos - rent free - for the season. They all agree to try it out, and the first person Yaz and Laura lay eyes on is gorgeous Juan. The two young women fall head-over-heels for him. Will Juan reciprocate with one of them? And will Tom agree to stay long enough for a relationship to develop?

This is a delicious summer romance. The scenery is described so vividly that we feel part of the sun baked (and occasionally rain drenched) locale. Laura's persective gives us a sense of adventure, as well as disdain for Tom's horrid behavior. The pace starts out a bit slow, but things speed up and heat up in Ercos. Spanish Holiday is filled with romance, travel, and enough good old fashioned fights to keep tension working overtime - a good choice for the steamy summer months ahead!

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