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'Til Death Do Us Part    by Kate White order for
'Til Death Do Us Part
by Kate White
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2004 (2004)
Hardcover, Audio
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Kate White's heroine, Bailey Weggins, is great fun to be with - there's always a murder or two lurking in the corners of her life to fend off boredom. This time, it's bridesmaids who are being done to death, and Bailey was one of the bridal party! Soon she wonders if she's about to star in 'Four Funerals and a Wedding'.

Her old friend (using the term loosely) Peyton (the next Martha Stewart) was 'Bridezilla ... a bride who acts so monstrously that by the time the wedding is over, everyone who was intimately involved in it feels terrorized and nearly trampled to death.' Months later, one bridesmaid has accidentally died, and another begs Bailey for help. Soon they're falling down like cards, and Bailey makes regular forays to Greenwich, trying to find out whodunit and why. When there she stays at Peyton's mansion, of which she says 'The last time I'd seen this many different rooms in one house, I'd been playing Clue.'

The police aren't much help - they buy the accidents/coincidence theory. But Bailey's boss Cat makes a brief appearance to point her in the right direction with 'Cherchez la femme'. Peyton's marriage seems flaky, her groom and his best man are at odds, various relatives are unhappy about their role in the wedding, there are business rivalries (was it an 'ether attack'?), and then there was the accident that delayed the bridesmaids' arrival at the ceremony. It doesn't help that Bailey's personal life develops its own crisis, after Jack pushes the pace before she's ready and also does a 'Dr. Phil' on her.

There are the usual threats and attacks, the possibility of a new romantic interest is introduced in the Miami heat, and Bailey is on particularly thin ice as the mystery reaches its thrilling denouement. By the time it's all over, she's come to a wise decision, to 'never be a bridesmaid again.'

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