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Dealing in Murder    by Elaine Flinn order for
Dealing in Murder
by Elaine Flinn
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Elizabeth Porter was a successful antiques dealer in New York City until a fraud perpetrated by her husband and his girl friend put her picture on the front page of all the newspapers. She's trying to start over with the new name of Molly Doyle, the new location of Carmel, California, and a new antique shop. Things go from really bad to much worse. It was not in Molly's plans to have a woman die in her arms. Molly now has to clear her new name with an abrasive police chief.

Dealing in Murder starts with fast action that doesn't stop until the end. There's fraud, deception, murders and a wonderful look into the workings of the world of antiques. I liked Molly. She had the sense to be scared but yet plowed ahead to do what she felt needed to be done. Bitsy came on strong, as she was meant to do. The chief was crusty but had a human side to him that I appreciated. The only thing I can't understand is the constant use of cigarettes by almost everyone in the book. Doesn't seem like today to me. The heroine's use of Jack Daniels also bothered me. It's almost a dependence - a very human failing, I know, but Molly seems too smart to let herself indulge like that.

Despite this reservation, Dealing in Murder is a good mystery. An added bonus is a fascinating insider (Elaine Flinn was a dealer before she took up writing) take on the antiques business.

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