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A Greek God at the Ladies' Club    by Jenna McKnight order for
Greek God at the Ladies' Club
by Jenna McKnight
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The life of an immortal god isn't all it's cracked up to be -- Darius, Greek God of Gems, will attest to that. He's had plenty of time to stew over his many dalliances, the last of which broke him -- literally! When his lover's husband returned unexpectedly, Darius turned himself into a statue. But the cuckolded king was immediately suspicious of his queen's newest piece of statuary and in a fit of fury hurled the unfortunate Darius out the window before he could change himself back. The tumble damaged Darius who was unable to put himself back together. To add insult to injury, his father Zeus further cursed his philandering son, to remain in limbo until such time as an exact replica is produced. Three thousand years have passed and still Darius waits ... and waits ... until his brother Hermes flits in for a quick visit to announce that he's found the perfect statue.

Sculptor Alexandra de Marco is moments away from applying the finishing touches to her life size statue of a Greek god. She's hoping her work will bring a good price at the auction being held at a local Ladies Club. Alex plans on donating most of the money to the orphanage where she and her sister grew up. Alex is shocked when her perfect statue comes to glorious life. So are all the ladies who witness the event - although their reactions vary from horror and titillation to eye-popping awe. It doesn't take long for Alex to learn the whole story behind the miraculous resurrection of her statue. She has every intention of putting Darius back where he belongs -- she's that determined to save her orphanage. But her Greek god is equally determined to remain corporeal and does everything he can to sabotage her attempts to send him back to Mount Olympus and his controlling family. That includes falling in love and convincing Alex that their destiny was pre-ordained, overbearing Olympian family and all.

A Greek God at the Ladies' Club puts a clever and often humourous twist on Greek myth. Darius finds his match in Alex, soon discovering that this very modern woman is no pushover to his charms (and his promises to give whatever she desires if she agrees to set him free). Though Jenna McKnight plays fast and loose with mythology, she gives us an appealing tale with plenty of walk-ons from an assortment of Greek gods.

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