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Do Not Disturb    by Christie Ridgway order for
Do Not Disturb
by Christie Ridgway
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Angel Buchanan, whose cutie-pie looks conceal a fervid journalistic soul, is a reporter for the respected 'West Coast' magazine. She is shocked and intrigued when she learns of the death of Stephen Whitney, an artist famous for his soul stirring paintings as well his family values. Since Whitney was the father who abandoned Angel and her mother a long time before, she's determined to expose him for the fraud he really was. Before long Angel gets herself invited into the grieving Whitney household, purportedly to write an article on the artist.

Though family secrets soon come tumbling out, she's even more stunned and bowled over by Stephen's brother-in-law, the highly sensual, handsome and antagonistic Cooper Jones. Very protective towards his family, Cooper knows trouble when he sees it! But all the animosity in the world, all the devious reasons behind their daily verbal fencing cannot stop the blaze of passion which erupts between them from the first instant. When the truth is revealed, every bit of it, will anyone emerge the winner?

Christie Ridgway's story is funny, serious and sensual. The characterizations are intense - 'steely interior beneath the frou-frou exterior' Angel and health-conscious and very suspicious Cooper and ring true. The humor is rip-roaring, as when city-girl Angel discovers that electronic items, as well as coffee and meat, are banned at Tranquility Lodge. There is growing passion between Angel and Cooper and also between a secondary couple.

While not all loose ends are firmly tied up, complex family intrigues along with fiery personality clashes, developing romance and some suspense, make Do Not Disturb an entertaining story.

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