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Trust Me    by Melanie Craft order for
Trust Me
by Melanie Craft
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)

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* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Carly Martin is a vet who owns a clinic jointly with her ex-boyfriend Richard. She tends to collect both stray animals and men who seem to need saving (in fact Richard is one of those men who, following their breakup, holds her to a contract she signed). Carly becomes a close friend of old Henry Tremayne after he calls the clinic one day with a sick raccoon, visiting his house weekly to tend to his animals.

Max Giordano is a self-made millionaire despite a childhood in foster homes following the death of his grandmother. Max found out about his grandfather, Henry Tremayne, through a private investigator hired to look for the family of the father he never knew. He learns through the lawyer handling his grandfather's will that his grandfather has had an accident. Henry is in a coma due to a fall. Having put off meeting Henry, Max feels guilty, especially since he may now never have the chance to get to know his grandfather.

Max heads to the clinic to look over the woman who will inherit a hefty sum of money and his grandfather's mansion, should the old man not survive his injuries. Max is highly suspicious of why a young woman like Carly would spend time with such an old man. Carly on the other hand feels that Max needs saving. She brings him home to meet her family, who decide that he is the one for her. Unused to family life, Max finds them all crazy. And as Max and Carly get to know each other, feelings develop that get in the way of their discovering how Henry ended in a coma.

Melanie Craft has a writing style that pulls you into her story and makes you want to continue reading for hours. Romance, mystery and a hint of humor keep the pages turning. And, in addition to an enjoyable read, there is the satisfaction of knowing that animals will benefit from the book's sale, as its author indicates that royalties will be donated to an organization that provides free veterinary care to companion animals of the homeless.

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