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Key of Light    by Nora Roberts order for
Key of Light
by Nora Roberts
Order:  USA  Can
Jove, 2003 (2003)
Paperback, Audio, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

These days Nora Roberts isn't only the reigning queen of women's fiction, she's also the queen of romantic trilogies. In the last few years she's delighted readers with no less than half a dozen of her trademark triple treats and she does so again with her latest mystical trio that begins with Key of Light.

It introduces readers to three very different women: gallery manager Malory Price, librarian Dana Steele, and hairdresser and single mom Zoe McCourt. Each has lost her job and also received the same cryptic invitation for cocktails at the isolated and mysterious estate, Warrior's Peak. The women bond the moment they meet and soon realize they're the only guests. The newest 'landlords' introduce themselves and in short order explain why Malory, Dana and Zoe have been summoned. Rowena and Pitte are gods who have been exiled to the earthly realm for falling in love. They failed to carry out their assigned duty, to guard three demi-goddesses, the result of a union between an otherworldly king and a human woman. An evil sorcerer has cast a spell upon the sisters and locked their souls away in a glass coffin, which can only be unlocked by human hands. So far all have failed; now it's up to Malory, Dana and Zoe, if they so choose, to find the keys and release the sisters from their cold, lifeless existence.

Malory Price can't believe that she's actually agreed to go along with this insane scheme. Everything about it feels just a bit too pat, including the $25,000 dollars she, Dana and Zoe are paid up front. The only thing that seems real is the instant bond she formed with Dana and Zoe. Determined to make them proud and to prove to herself that she can do this, Malory begins her month long quest, using her eye for art and beauty. Along the way, she has the help of Dana's charming brother Flynn.

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