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The Perfect Girl: On Tour #1    by Barb Huff order for
Perfect Girl
by Barb Huff
Order:  USA  Can
Barbour, 2003 (2003)
* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Jenna Rose Brinley has always loved her life. She's popular, beautiful, and a fantastic singer. When her father, an associate pastor, moves the two of them from big city Savannah to a small town in Ohio, Jenna Rose thinks her life is over.

She doesn't like the other kids her age at church; they don't fit anywhere in her definition of people she wants to hang around with. Then she meets handsome, friendly Parker Blevins. The two hit it off immediately and Parker invites Jenna Rose to sit in on practice with his band. The band members have all heard her sing and ask her to join in. Jenna Rose's vocals are just what the group has been searching for, and although she doesn't personally believe the Christian lyrics, her desire to be in the spotlight outshines her convictions.

Though practicing with the band is fun, Jenna Rose's real desire is to get in with the popular crowd. She tries out for the dance team, but an unfortunate encounter with basketball star Jamie Valentin messes up her chances. A bit of harmless flirting escalates quickly until she is afraid to walk around school by herself. Can she let down her guard and accept the friendship of the band members?

I was surprised at the depth of emotions portrayed in this first volume in the On Tour series. As a parent of a teen daughter, I found the thought processes, actions, and reactions of Jenna Rose and her friends accurate and believable. Teens will relate to the characters and will want to discover their outcomes. Jenna Rose's faith journey is fascinating and will open many readers' eyes. We often assume a pastor's kids, especially as teenagers, to have more faith than the rest of the population. Jenna Rose brings many such misconceptions into the light.

One frustration I had with the book is that, despite a few references to her faith and death, what happened to Jenna Rose's mother is never made clear. Otherwise, this is an addictive read, which I found difficult to put down. I look forward to upcoming books in the series, which will focus on the struggles and triumphs of different members of the band. Teen girls, and even those in the 10-12 age range, will devour The Perfect Girl and want more.

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