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No More Lies
by Susan Squires
Order:  USA  Can
Listening Library, 2003 (2003)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Dr. Holland Banks thinks she's going insane -- during the day she hears a growing cacophony of terrified voices and during the night she experiences hideous nightmares in which she always has a hand in the destruction of mankind. A scientist and head of the Century Psychiatric Hospital, she believes her symptoms point to a severe psychiatric disorder. But her own problems are overshadowed by disasters going on around her: people the world over are committing mass suicide and a sniper's on the loose in Los Angeles. Her father has also renewed his demands that she join him in his well-funded genetic research. The fact that Holland's sure she's being stalked only adds to her certainty that she's losing her mind.

Reporter Jeff McQueen has indeed been following Holland. He's been hearing the same frantic voices and experiencing the same debilitating dreams. But somewhere within the growing madness in his mind his thoughts have touched Holland's, and she is his only link to sanity. Holland is horrified when her stalker all but attacks her during a fundraiser. It's only later that she realises that Jeff McQueen's touch temporarily calmed the maddening voices in her head. Determined to find out more about her assailant, Holland visits Jeff. It's quickly clear that the link they share is very special. But sinister people want to get their hands on Jeff and Holland. Soon the pair is on the run from not only a power hungry senator and his murdering minions but also from Holland's father, whose own agenda is more sinister and far-reaching that Holland could ever have imagined.

Award winning Susan Squires tackles another hot topic, genetic research (and in this case full-blown genetic tampering), in No More Lies. The true beauty of the book lies in Holland and Jeff's love story, from their initial shock over what they share to their eventual realization that they are true soul mates, that they are one. Though Jeff recognizes it almost immediately, the more reticent Holland takes much more convincing. Some of Squires' secondaries border on the cliché, particularly Jeff's religion spouting parents. Holland's father also seems a bit too maniacal in his zeal to acquire the same phenomenal abilities as his daughter has. Readers might be a bit more forgiving of the government bad boys who are presented as unrepentantly sinister and ready to do anything to hide the truth.

The inventive plot and non-stop action in the second half of the story more than make up for these small quibbles. In the growing sub-genre of romantic suspense, No More Lies is another fresh and thought provoking story with a fine pay-off.

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