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Style and Grace: African Americans at Home    by Michael Henry Adams & Mick Hales order for
Style and Grace
by Michael Henry Adams
Order:  USA  Can
Bulfinch, 2003 (2003)

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Style and Grace invites us into 'America's most soulful homes', those of a variety of African Americans. How is this different from any other design book? Not surprisingly, there are quite a few African elements in the décor. But I also found the prevalence of Asian elements striking and attractive.

Michael Henry Adam's home has a collection of walking sticks I'd love to own, a clutter of antiques, and piles of books. The effect is warm and cosy, and his garden is classical luxury. The Rangels' elegant Harlem penthouse is full of yellow roses, and oriental pieces that I covet. Yellow wall tones, which I've always liked, are common to many rooms in this lovely book, as are oriental furnishings and ornaments (Dr. Richard Dudley's homes incorporate impressive West African and Japanese collections).

There's a more modern look to a Manhattan loft in tranquil lines and muted colors, as well as in an apartment that showcases 'museum-quality modern art'. Another home is blooming with colour. I approve of how comfortable most rooms look, designed for use at least as much as for appearance. And I love the Mexican wooden crocodile crawling out of one fireplace! Gordon Chambers' home gleams with subtle light, and David Lloyd Flemming's high rise apartment features a gorgeous Chinese screen as well as intriguing porcelains of African kings.

I love visiting other peoples' homes to see how they decorate, and found much that appeals in Style and Grace : African Americans at Home, especially the combination of color and comfort that seems typical, and the exotic juxtaposition of African and Asian décor.

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