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Someone Like Him    by Karen Kendall order for
Someone Like Him
by Karen Kendall
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Ordinarily Lavender Vinnie Hart would never have come to NYC, leaving her agoraphobic Mother behind in Kansas. But when her brainy younger brother is admitted to a prestigious New York boarding school, she moves in order to lend Adam much needed emotional as well as monetary support. But Vinnie's neither qualified nor sophisticated enough for the jobs available. In desperation, she takes on a position as dog-walker.

Successful architect Nicholas Wright has always had too much money and too little love in his poor little rich boy life. When his eccentric aunt dies and leaves him her high-maintenance Doberman, Daffodil, Nick's in despair. He hires Vinnie, not just because she can handle Daffy but also because he's greatly attracted to her. Though Vinnie feels the same way, a bad case of inferiority complex makes her wary and defensive. They're so obviously different, but can they discover a love in common?

This book has all the trademarks of a typical Karen Kendall - pithy comments, amusing wisecracks, humorous situations and naturally, large doses of love, sweet love. Add a mischievous dog, a too-smart kid and misunderstandings galore, and readers have a rip-roaring comedy in their hands. And as a backdrop to the romance, Nick takes Vinnie and readers on an eye-opening tour of the Big Apple and its architectural wonders.

But the story also deals with serious issues like agoraphobia, the disinclination to get involved or care for the less-fortunate that plagues all big-city citizens, and boarding school life. Overall Someone Like Him is sassy, sexy and exciting!

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