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Whisper of Evil    by Kay Hooper order for
Whisper of Evil
by Kay Hooper
Order:  USA  Can
Bantam, 2002 (2002)

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* * *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

The small town of Silence is suddenly beset by murders. Three respected members of the community die, one after the other. Though their deaths seem to be suicides or accidents at first, they are later revealed as clever murders. Dark secrets about their personal lives come to light and everybody in town is shocked, scared and wary. Is it a single killer and if so, is the killer some sort of vigilante or is there something more sinister on the loose?

In these troubled times, Nell Gallagher comes home to settle her late father's estate, having left town some twelve years back with painful secrets. Her return unsettles her old lover, Max Tanner, and it also sets off another spate of murders. Is Nell the catalyst, the cause, or is she just an innocent bystander?

Nell has always known that she was different. She has had the Gallagher curse of psychic abilities since birth. All her life, she's witnessed dark deeds, some in the past and some in the future. As a side effect, she experiences severe blackouts that leave her drained. Her supernatural abilities appear to be affecting her health. Will she use her talents to help the law? Meanwhile, Nell's sister Hailey is missing and seems to be linked to the murders. And it's clear that the killer knows about Nell - his threatening shadow is never too far away from the unsuspecting psychic.

Kay Hooper has crafted an intense, dark, mysterious novel. The plot rapidly develops into something beyond belief, but certainly not beyond imagination. The pace never slackens. The suspense is spine chilling and the mystery very difficult to guess. Though the basic premise - that of psychic ability - is becoming a common plot device, it is presented well. Apart from the extraordinary theme, the book holds enough drama, romance, action, sex and human interest to hold readers engaged till the shocking end.

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