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A Thoroughly Modern Princess    by Wendy Corsi Staub order for
Thoroughly Modern Princess
by Wendy Corsi Staub
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Modern-day real-life princess, Emmaline of Verdunia, feels oppressed up in her ivory tower, with an arranged,loveless marriage to Prince Remi of Buiron in the offing. So, when she meets playboy businessman Granger Lockwood IV, she is soon swept away by the American's brash, sexy charm. After some of the most passionate moments of Emmy's hitherto antiseptic life, they go their own ways, not expecting to see each other ever again. But all actions have consequences, and a dazed Emmy discovers her pregnancy just days before her marriage. Knowing the problems this will create, Emmy calls Granger in a panic. He gladly charges to her rescue in a helicopter and together they fly off to the land of freedom, America. Happy ending? Not likely! This is when the story really begins.

Instead of joining Granger, the scion of the Lockwood fortune, in the luxury of his Manhattan penthouse, the runaway pregnant princess finds herself with her disinherited lover in a grungy one room downtown apartment, without money or servants. At first, the prospect of slumming it excites these two extremely pampered individuals. But can their fragile, budding love survive the mundane reality of being 'regular folks'? Pursued by a ruthless gossip shark, conspired against by an envying younger sister, and suffering the double pangs of homesickness and pregnancy, will Emmaline choose love or luxury? Will Granger stick to his decision to make it on his own and take care of his growing family?

Wendy Corsi Staub, one of whose many pseudonyms is Wendy Markham, is a seasoned writer, whose talent shines through even in this fluffy light-hearted modern take on fairytales. Readers are taken on a delightful journey of love and self-realization to see if a 'happily ever after' is really feasible. Emmy is naturally spoilt, but endearing as she tries to cope with the sudden and unexpected changes she's going through, both physically and psychologically. Granger is a bit too perfect and not very convincing, as he cheerfully adapts to his penniless lifestyle. But his inner emotional turmoil and his sincere efforts are appealing.

Overall it's a sweet and humorous romance about Emmy and Granger, how they make a mess out of their perfect, polished, privileged lives, and then struggle to put it all right again. While the plot progression is a bit jerky, the story entertains, and the portrayal of celebrities hounded by ruthless paparazzi is well done. A Thoroughly Modern Princess is a winning combination of tender love, sweet romance and laugh-out loud humor.

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