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Dead Ringer
by Lisa Scottoline
Order:  USA  Can
HarperCollins, 2004 (2003)
Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, CD, e-Book

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Alice is back in town. Philadelphia lawyer Bennie Rosato has good reason to believe her identical twin sister has returned (after two years without any contact), and is once again posing as her sister the lawyer. Bennie is angry to say the least, and the theft of diamond earrings by Bennie's look-alike is the last straw.

But when her big bucks client is killed, anger turns to rage and Bennie institutes a search to find Alice. No holds barred. As is usual in this author's books, the plot takes a turn and the reader is in for a ride with lots of fast-moving action, suspense, mayhem, gun shots, and a big helping of humor. The characters surrounding Bennie Rosato are well rounded and believable. Having her players weave through the streets of the center of Philadelphia makes the city come alive and pulse for anyone living in the Delaware Valley.

Bennie meets life and her responsibilities head-on. The emotions she shows towards the associates in her law firm ring true. The scene in which Bennie wears seventeen-dollar panty-hose is worth the whole book - and the rest of them are also top-rate. The author uses humor as most of us do, to get us through each day. This doesn't diminish the severity of the day's problems, but enables us to handle them without flying apart at the seams. The plot moves with alacrity and the love interests keep the reader guessing. I felt the ending was a little soft, as though it were an annendum. But it is plausible and works.

Scottoline has been called the female John Grisham. I think Grisham is the female Scottoline, and she also has a wonderful sense of humor. What could be better? Or have I said that before?

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