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The Savvy Sistahs    by Brenda Jackson order for
Savvy Sistahs
by Brenda Jackson
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Amber, Brandy and Carla are gorgeous, elegant, successful businesswomen who've unfortunately had lousy experiences in the love arena. They join a support group called 'The Savvy Sistahs Who Mean Business'. Now, together in good times and bad, sharing secrets, and praying together, they form an unbreakable bond. They're equally wary of forming new relationships. Will love ever enter the lives of these lovely ladies again?

Amber's pride and self-confidence took a severe beating from a jerk of an ex-spouse who neither appreciated her full figure nor her love. Amber is now the proud owner of a rapidly growing bookstore in Orlando, Florida. One day, a man comes in looking for a book to buy, and there is something about this fine brotha which has the cagey lady in a dither. Feelings she believed to be dead now almost overpower Amber. So when Cord Jeffries passes out in her store, she can't help but volunteer to take care of him. Is Amber trying to avoid a lawsuit or is love in the air?

Brandy Bennett landed a gem of a hotel as part of her divorce settlement when it was discovered that her brand-new bridegroom slept with her best friend. Hardly has Brandy begun to relax and enjoy her new possession than she acquires a deadly stalker. After the sistahs and her cousins all advise her to take action, handsome security expert Grey Masters becomes her new bodyguard. Grey, with tragedy in his own past, is as wary as Brandy when it comes to relationships, but close quarters make them aware of each other and, before long, passion explodes between them. Since danger is never far away, a deadly game begins.

Carla Osborne is a single mom with an adorable four-year-old son. After a one night stand, she never told the father (who lied to her) about his child. As owner and CEO of Osborne Computers, she has a great career ahead of her until, one fine day, her ex-lover comes back into her life and someone makes a hostile bid to take over her company. Carla's personal and professional lives are in shambles. Will she ever find true happiness?

Brenda Jackson, award-wining author of sixteen novels including Ties That Bind, has come up with another stunning tale about three savvy sistahs. The three are as real as their lives and the problems therein. Readers feel their pain as they're hurt by the men they love and, with mutual help, rise above their circumstances. The heat is scorching as lust fills the air - but will it eventually lead to love? Throughout, it is touching to see how these three sistahs support each other.

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