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The Chase    by Candice Fox order for
by Candice Fox
Order:  USA  Can
Forge, 2022 (2022)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I enjoyed Candice Fox's Gathering Dark very much, so opened The Chase with anticipation. I wasn't disappointed. As before, one lead has been jailed for a serious crime - John Kradle, convicted of the murder of his wife and teen son. And as before, the other lead is in law enforcement - Death Row Supervisor Celine Osbourne.

The story opens on a well planned mass jailbreak, starting with hostage taking of Pronghorn Correctional prison guards' families coming by bus to an annual pre-Christmas softball game at the facility. Some guards give in and over six hundred prisoners (the worst of the worst) head out into the Nevada Desert.

When an inmate attacks and almost kills Celine, John saves her before he heads out. He's followed by serial killer Homer Carrington, who thinks he has a better chance with John, despite the latter's objections. Despite his help, Celine is obsessed with capturing John again, driven by her own dark history. She inserts herself into US Marshall Trinity Parker's operation to recover the prisoners.

The story moves between past and present, revealing what led Kradle to Death Row. Celine finds a clue in John's cell and begins a relentless pursuit, while he tries to get away from Homer, or at least prevent him from killing again - John or an innocent bystander. Then he calls Celine whose obsession leads to foolish decisions.

The Chase, reminiscent of The Fugitive, continues with constant action and surprises. Those include what really happened to John Kradle's family. It's an engrossing read, highly recommended.

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