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The Wilkes Insurrection    by Robbie Bach order for
Wilkes Insurrection
by Robbie Bach
Order:  USA  Can
Greenleaf, 2021 (2021)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Here's a new, engrossing thriller, The Wilkes Insurrection by Robbie Bach. It opens with an introduction to the villain of the piece, a terrorist escaping an FBI raid through a wardrobe to the next apartment. His plans are well in place, to create chaos in 'a target-rich environment', his day with destiny coming.

Next we meet John Humboldt (virtual reality gaming company co-founder) boarding a flight to San Francisco. It crashes on the Offutt Air Force Base runway outside Omaha, Nebraska. Major Tamika Smith, a reservist and acting Combat Search and Rescue leader, takes charge, eventually finding Humboldt and rushing him to hospital. A photo goes viral, turning Tamika into an Internet hero.

As the bad guys' attacks continue, facilitated by a young man (Bryce) who exploits the Dark Web for a living, the author fills in fascinating back stories for his leads, in particular Tamika. Many of their story threads intertwine. The mastermind behind the violence is American Wilkes, hoping to unleash a second Civil War to create opportunity for massive societal change. The onset of the pandemic helps, as he unleashes social media bots to spread misinformation and drive social division.

Wilkes targets Tamika herself in his final attack, as she leads the charge towards a better and more equitable America. Though often over the top, The Wilkes Insurrection is an action packed and gripping read.

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