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I Don't Forgive You    by Aggie Blum Thompson order for
I Don't Forgive You
by Aggie Blum Thompson
Order:  USA  Can
Forge, 2021 (2021)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Aggie Blum Thompson's I Don't Forgive You opens on a 'little innocent flirting' at a neighborhood party where Allie Ross's husband Mark has encouraged her to make 'mommy friends'. While not in her mom role (with small son Cole), Allie is a photographer who's had some success with celebrity head shots.

They recently moved to Eastbrook, a neighborhood in D.C. suburban Bethesda, where Allie has trouble fitting in to the 'mom tribes - the alpha career moms, the stay-at-home moms, the PTA contingent.' Her only friend lives across the street - Leah's teen son Dustin struggles with 'off-the-charts intelligence and a lack of social skills.'

At the party, Rob, the man flirting with Allie calls her Lexi, a name from her past, and accosts her. She discovers he's been following her on Instagram. The next day, Rob is found poisoned and Allie becomes the prime suspect because of the incident at the party - and evidence that they had a Tinder relationship. Who manufactured it and why are they trying to set up Allie for murder?

The novel moves back in time to show the development of Lexi's teen relationship with a teacher and its consequences. In the present, readers share Allie's despair as the community judges her, and even Mark and his family doubt her. It all comes to a head when her sister comes under suspicion of mortgage fraud, and Allie's about to be arrested for murder.

She has help from an unlikely source, but her enemy is equally unexpected in the mystery's stunning conclusion.

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