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Gathering Dark
by Candice Fox
Order:  USA  Can
Forge, 2021 (2021)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Candice Fox's Gathering Dark is an engrossing thriller with most unusual leads. It's set in LA. Dr. Blair Harbour was a well respected pediatric surgeon until she was sentenced and jailed for ten years as the Neighbor Killer. She's been released as the novel opens, works at a Koreatown gas station (owned by a cartel), and wants nothing more than to keep out of trouble and win custody of her son Jamie again.

LAPD Detective Jessica Sanchez was the one who arrested Blair for murder, early in her career. Recently, she inherited a multi-million dollar mansion, because she obsessively pursued and caught the killer of the owner's daughter's when others had given up. Though she's unsure whether or not to accept, her colleagues have it in for her, especially her partner, Detective Wallert, who feels he deserves half. This puts her in danger, repeatedly.

As the novel opens, Blair's cellmate Sneak (a gifted thief who also helped her cope with the adjustment to prison life) approaches her, asking her to help find her missing daughter Dayly. Blair does so reluctantly, as even being seen with Sneak could affect her parole. They seek help from another prison connection, a very dangerous one named Ada; she lends them a Gangstermobile.

The plot thickens as it's revealed that Dayly corresponded with an imprisoned bank robber/killer (John Fishwick) who might be her father, and who might also know the location of his stolen hoard. Dayly was also involved with a cop. Feeling in over her head, Blair finally consults Jessica, whom she respects despite their history. As they pursue the case, they are both threatened.

Gathering Dark is a gripping, action-packed read with a very satisfying resolution. Reader interest is fueled by sympathy for Blair, while wondering if she really was guilty as charged. I hope we will see these characters again.

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