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Cold Wind: Alaska Wild #2    by Paige Shelton order for
Cold Wind
by Paige Shelton
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2020 (2020)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Cold Wind follows Thin Ice as the second in Paige Shelton's atmospheric Alaska Wild mystery series. The first episode introduced thriller author Elizabeth Fairchild.

She escaped from an obsessed kidnapper, but was left with a visible scar - and memory loss - from neurosurgery after a severe head injury. She fled to remote Benedict, Alaska as Beth Rivers, to hide until her stalker is caught. She helped Benedict police Chief Gril solve a murder in the first episode, and also took over the local paper, the Benedict Petition. Beth stays at Benedict House, a halfway house for parolees, the only accommodation available.

As Cold Wind opens, two young girls knock on the newspaper office door where Beth is working. Neither of them speaks, but they write down their names (Annie and Mary). When Chief Gril shows up he tells Beth that, after a mudslide, a woman's body has been uncovered in a trapper's shed in the woods. Beth helps him with the investigation, while he also tries to find the girls' family.

At the same time, she hears from her mother who is trying to track down her long missing father. There is also news about her own case from Detective Majors, who has identified the man who kidnapped Beth - he had taken and killed other women before her, and was born in her home town. Does he know her real name and can he track her to Alaska?

Worrying about her own safety, Beth continues to dig locally - and to get into trouble. She meets, and is intrigued by the girls' father, Tex Southern, who adopted them when they were abandoned as infants. As this episode ends, the murder is solved, but Beth grows increasingly concerned for her own safety.

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