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FEG: Ridiculous Stupid Poems for Intelligent Children    by Robin Hirsch order for
by Robin Hirsch
Order:  USA  Can
Little, Brown & Co., 2002 (2002)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This little volume by Robin Hirsch combines poetry and (word) puzzles, as it encourages the reader to explore elements of verse and language and to enjoy a 'wild goose chase' or several along the way. Many of these poems, including FEG itself, have to be spoken aloud to be understood, and reflecting on the commentary that accompanies each verse is at least as much fun as figuring out the puzzles (for even more commentary, read the author's Language, Rubble, Undergrowth, Mystery and a Place to Hide).

I especially enjoyed the wisdom of 'You Enter a Poem', which led me to a few Aha's of my own. 'Eye Rhyme' and 'Ewe Rhyme' are very clever. Dr. Spooner's menu ends quite appropriately in 'Fresh true fart', and 'It' waxes most philosophical. Read all the poietes' lines and comments carefully and you'll learn to appreciate their glossary of 'nice shiny words you can really sink your teeth into.' These range from 'acrostic' to 'widget' with stops along the way at wonderful words like 'gibberish', 'palindrome' and 'villanelle'.

'Be where? / What shout? / Take air!' If you enjoy that verse, you'll love this book of ridiculous (not stupid) poems. I recommend it to 'inquiring wordsleuths' everywhere and to philologists of all ages.

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