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Blind Spot
by Brenda Novak
Order:  USA  Can
Macmillan, 2019 (2019)
Paperback, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Blind Spot is the fourth entry in Brenda Novak's series, starring psychiatrist Dr. Evelyn Talbot. She suffered horrific treatment at the hands of her boyfriend Jasper when she was sixteen. He continued to become a serial killer. Evelyn established maximum-security facility Hanover House in the small Alaskan town of Hilltop, to study serial killers. Jasper is now imprisoned there.

At this stage in the series, the psychiatrist and local Sergeant Amarok are planning a wedding and expecting a child, a high risk pregnancy for Evelyn. The story opens after Evelyn has been abducted and imprisoned - her education and experience with serial killers is the only weapon she has to try to save herself and her unborn child.

When Amarok learns she's been taken, he is frantic, but cannot figure out who has done it. He knows that time is everything now - 'Amarok had never in his life felt such urgency, such desperation.' Surprisingly, Evelyn's imprisoned nemesis, Jasper, is helpful in working out what happened to her. In parallel, she proves resourceful in finding ways to fight back.

Tension rises steadily as time runs out for Evelyn and her unborn child. Though Blind Spot continues to be the kind of over the top read fans expect from this series, it's also an especially gripping one as readers root for Evelyn's and her baby's survival.

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